Axillary Breast Augmentation Truths

Trans-axillary breast augmentation is becoming an increasing popular method for breast augmentation as technology continues to improve. There are several misconceptions about axillary breast augmentation.

First of all both saline and silicone implants can be used with this method. Many patients and surgeons that do not commonly perform this surgery don’t know that a silicone implant can be placed from an axillary incision. The use of the Keller funnel allows a variety of implants to be placed through the axilla easily.

Secondly, the incisions in the axilla is just as small as it would be if it was placed around the nipple or under the breast. The incision is well concealed in one of the natural arm creases in the axilla.

Thirdly the use of the endoscope has made the procedure very precise as the entire breast pocket is created under direct vision. This method has become very popular in Miami where I first practiced and now I commonly perform this procedure here in Austin, Texas as it avoids putting any incisions on the breast, thus decreasing the chances of altering nipple sensation.

Please consult your board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you through your breast augmentation process or contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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