Your Consultation in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Johnny Franco has had patients from across the globe visit his practice to be a recipient of his highly skilled work. We understand that non-local residents may find it difficult to fit an in-office consultation into their already busy schedules, so we’ve developed a solution.

In order to ensure all of our potential patients have the opportunity to communicate their reasons, concerns, and goals for their procedure, Dr. Franco offers virtual consultations as a way to simulate the personal feel of the in-office option. You can also submit photos of the areas you are seeking to adjust that you and Dr. Franco can use as reference points.

Whether you’re interested in a surgical procedure, injectable treatment, or non-invasive option, Dr. Franco wants to hear directly from you about your procedure, because your input is incredibly valuable to the entire process. Contact us today to schedule your virtual consultation.

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