Why Have Brazilian Butt Lift Reversals Become so Popular Recently?

Brazilian Butt Lift reversals have become popular for multiple reasons over the past year. The two biggest reasons that BBL reversals have become a procedure of interest are because of a changing aesthetic goals and weight gain after the pandemic.

Most of us have gained some weight since the start of the pandemic and when we think about how fat is placed in our body it is easy to understand why some BBL have become larger then they were intended. Brazilian Butt Lifts are your own natural fat. We have a set number of fat cells in our body, when we gain weight those fat cells get larger and when we lose weight those fat cells get smaller, thus when we gain weight the butt gets larger and if we lose weight the butt will get smaller. The BBL removes fat from areas that we don’t want the fat and places it in the butt, thus when we gain weight we disproportionally gain weight in our buttock. To a point this is great as we control our overall figure.

There has overall been a changing paradigm of the aesthetic butt from a Brazilian Butt Lift standpoint. When Brazilian Butt Lifts were first popularizing both patients and surgeons wanted to make the buttock as large as possible without consideration of its proportion to the rest of the body and legs. One of the biggest concerns we hear from our patients is that their butt does not match their legs.

In both of these situation patients do not want their entire butt removed, the just want it to be proportional to their legs and body. They want their waist to flow into their hips creating that upside down heart and then transition naturally into their legs. This is the reason that the BBL Reversal is such an art. It is not just removing as much fat as possible, it is shaping and sculpting the butt to smoothly transition into the legs. The most common treat for a Brazilian Butt Lift reversal includes liposuction and skin tightening such as Renuvion. This allows your surgeon to decrease the size of the buttock, improve the overall shape and decrease the risk that the butt is going to fall after the procedure. Contact our office now to discuss your aesthetic goals.

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