Which Breast Implants Result in Natural Slope and Cleavage?

The current trend in breast augmentation is for a more natural result. There are several new additions to the breast implant family that makes this much easier for your plastic surgeon to help you achieve this goal.

One the use of silicone implants has made a dramatic change in terms of natural feel and shape. The silicone implants over saline implants are much softer and look much more natural. With a silicone implant a patient would have to place a much bigger implant to have a very round “fake” appearance. This is because the saline implants are very firm and thus create this round unnatural shape. The silicone implants because of how soft they are tend to give subtle and natural appearance.

The other new addition is the use of shaped implants. Shaped implants are great for patients that a very afraid of looking overly round and fake. The shaped implants are made with a natural slope to them, this way patients can have more natural shape with their augmentation. The shaped implants have been great for my breast reconstruction patients and for patients that want a larger implant, but still want to look natural. In smaller implants the difference between the silicone shaped and the silicone round implants is very little.

Please discuss your breast augmentation surgery with your board certified plastic surgeon and let them help guide you during the process.

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