When Does Swelling After Breast Augmentation Begin to Subside?

Breast augmentation is the most popular aesthetic procedure year after year. Patients can have the procedure and be back to work within a week depending on their specific occupation. However, just because they can return to work, doesn’t mean the implants have settled and the swelling has resolved.

It typically takes three to six months to see your final result, however after two weeks most patients will see the breast implants settling and the swelling starting to resolve. The breasts have a high and square appearance initially after the surgery. There are several factors that contribute to this shape.

The majority of breast implants are placed under the muscle. The pectoralis major muscle swells which holds the implants high, and gives the additional swelling in the upper pole of the breast. As the swelling in the muscle starts to go down the implant will “drop” giving the breast a round, softer appearance. Also as the muscle swelling goes down the fullness in the upper pole will decrease and the breast will have a more natural appearance.

As the breast implant settles down into its proper position and the swelling resolves the breast will have a perky perfect position! The process of the swelling decreasing and the implants “dropping” starts a week after surgery and will continue for several months. The majority of the swelling will be gone after about two months. However, patients can still see some swelling for an additional couple months after exercise or extreme activity.

There are several other factors that can prolong the swelling and settling of the breast implant. Some of these items include the size of the breast implant and if the breast augmentation is done in combination with a breast lift.

Please discuss your specific breast augmentation recovery with your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon or contact us today!

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