What is the recovery time for a trans-axillary breast augmentation?

Axillary breast augmentation is a great option for women that want to avoid any incision on their breasts. The incision is well hidden in one of the natural creases in the arm pit.

There used to be a myth that silicone implants could not be placed through an axillary incision and that is not true. The use of the Keller funnel has made it possible to place silicone implants through the incision. It also has allowed a large range of silicone implants to be placed for the augmentation.

The second benefit of the trans-axillary incision for a breast augmentation is that it avoids cutting through any of the natural breast tissue. The pectoralis muscle is entered in a natural space in the axilla. The breast tissue is then lift without any trauma to it as the surgery is performed below the muscle protecting all of the natural breast tissue.

The trans-axillary breast augmentation is performed with the use of an endoscope which makes the surgery very meticulous and done under direct visualization. This has allowed the surgery to become very precise and gentle to the breast tissue.

Please consult with your board-certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of trans-axillary breast augmentations about your breast implant surgery or contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Johnny Franco.

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