Is Placing the Breast Implant Over the Muscle a Good Option for My Breast Augmentation?

Subfascial breast augmentation (above the pectoralis muscle) has become an extremely popular option for breast enhancement. There have been several recent medical advancements that have made subfascial breast augmentations possible for plastic surgeons and patients.

Subfascial breast enhancement is placement of the breast implant above the pectoralis muscle, but below the fascia that holds the glandular tissue in place. Placement of the breast implant in this position eliminates the risk of animation deformity and gives the plastic surgeon much more control of the breast shape.

In the past, the breast implant was placed under the muscle to add coverage over the implant and additional support to the breast implant. The evolution of the 5th generation gummy bear implants has decreased the need for the additional soft tissue coverage that was needed in the past when we used saline implants. The highly cohesive gummy bear implants decrease the risk of visible rippling. The 5th generation of breast implants gives patients a soft feel while restoring the volume to the breasts that patients desire. The highly cohesive nature of these breast implants allows a soft feel while decreasing the risk of rippling and restoring volume to the breasts.

The second innovation that has improved the results of subfascial breast augmentation is the use of soft tissue structural support such as Durasorb and Galaflex. These absorbable structural mesh supports are made of materials similar to those that are currently used as sutures for years in surgery. These absorbable mesh products will help support the breast implant and soft tissue for several months and then are slowly absorbed by the body. This allows the body to create a collagen structural support around the implant or soft tissue in a breast lift, and once the natural structural support has been created the mesh is absorbed by the body.

The combination of the fifth generation breast implants and soft tissue structural support has been critical to the evolution of breast enhancement and breast revision surgeries. These advances have allowed subfascial placement of the breast implant and longer lasting results in patients with thin skin or larger breast implants.

Please discuss with our team if a subfascial breast augmentation would be a good option for breast enhancement procedure.

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