How Does a Rhinoplasty Work?

Rhinoplasty changes the appearance and shape of your nose by modifying the skin, underlying tissue, cartilage, and bone. Rhinoplasty is not only performed for cosmetic reasons, but also to correct a deviated septum or some other anatomical issue causing breathing problems. The way the procedure works is by re-shaping the features of your nose that you are unhappy with.

It’s important to choose an experienced, skilled, and qualified nose surgeon. Your nose has a profound effect on the overall appearance of your face, so entrusting its modification to an experienced practitioner is important! At Austin Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Adam Weinfeld has focused a large part of his surgical career on rhinoplasty, as well as other procedures of the face, neck, body, and breasts. He occupies a leadership role in The Rhinoplasty Society, which is a group of the world’s leading nose surgeons and rhinoplasty specialists.

The exact rhinoplasty technique depends on which modifications are being made. The open technique – in which an incision is made on the small strip of skin separating your nostrils – generally allows the most flexibility in reshaping the underlying cartilage and bone. The closed technique involves incisions made on the internal surfaces of your nostrils. It is commonly used for minimal nose modifications isolated to the tip of the nose. The closed technique may also be used if you want to correct a hump on the bridge of your nose.

The procedure is generally outpatient, which means you will return home the same day as the operation. You will need to keep your head elevated and avoid strenuous exercise for a brief period of time. Plan to take several days to a week off from work. The swelling will persist for a few weeks, at which point results will start looking better. The best results become apparent after several months, once the majority of swelling has gone down.

Get Started on the Path to a Flattering, Aesthetically Pleasing Nose

If you are considering rhinoplasty, we’re sure you have several questions and concerns. To speak with a highly experienced nose surgeon here in Austin, Texas, please feel free to contact us.

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