Do I Need Mesh for an Internal Bra?

Internal bra procedures have become a hot topic in breast enhancement surgeries. Internal bra is a general term to describe additional soft tissue support to help the breast implant or breast tissue stay in position during breast enhancement procedures.

In general, there are two methods for creating an internal bra during breast enhancement surgeries; the first is using one of the absorbable mesh products that help create structural soft tissue support. The second is using the breast capsule that forms around a breast implant after it is placed.

The absorbable mesh has several advantages in terms of use and cost to previously available options. The two most commonly used meshes for internal bras are Durasorb and Galaflex. These two meshes are designed to be similar to the suture material already used in plastic surgery for years. The beauty of these meshes is that they provide a sling-like, soft tissue structural support for the breast implant or breast tissue at a critical time in the healing process and then absorb and incorporate into the tissue. This creates a level of safety as the material used for the meshes has been used for years with excellent results.

At Austin Plastic Surgeon, we will typically use one of these new designer structural support meshes for several reasons:

Prophylactic Internal Bra

Patients using a larger implant have a higher risk of implant malposition and stretching of the skin. Unfortunately, gravity does not go away with a breast lift or augmentation, and any additional support can help patients have results that will last significantly longer.

Patients with massive weight loss can often have very thin skin that has been stretched previously. If a patient has thin skin or skin with a large amount of stretch marks, it usually will not be able to support the breast tissue after a breast lift or augmentation. The Durasorb or Galaflex breast mesh will help add support to the breast implant or soft tissue to enhance and lengthen the breast procedure results.

Revision Breast Surgery

Patients that have had a previous breast augmentation or lift and subsequently developed implant malposition can be treated with traditional capsulorrhaphy or tightening of the capsule that surrounds the implant, mesh placement, or, most commonly, a combination of both treatments. This creates a “belt and suspenders support” for the breast implant.

Subfascial Breast Augmentation

The placement of a breast implant in the subfascial position has a lot of benefits, including the prevention of animation deformity or movement of a breast implant with pec muscle contraction. However, placement in this position does lose some benefits of having the pectoralis muscles overlying the implant for additional support. Therefore, Durasorb and Galaflex mesh can be used for supplemental support.

Not every patient needs a designer, absorbable soft tissue support mesh-like Durasorb or Galaflex. However, they are increasing in popularity as patients have had tremendous success with these products. Durasorb and Galaflex have allowed plastic surgeons to create prophylactic internal bra procedures for patients at high risk for implant malposition. They have also offered alternative treatment options to patients with less than optimal results with their previous breast enhancement surgical procedures.

Please discuss with your Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon if an absorbable soft tissue support mesh such as Durasorb or Galaflex would be an option for your breast lift or breast augmentation.

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