Do Cellulite Treatments Really Work?

Cellulite can be disturbing to many women as it is often visible in bikinis and leggings.  Patients often blame themselves for the presence of cellulite, while it is often triggered by hormones. Cellulite itself is caused by constriction bands below the skin. This collection of fibrous bands tethers the skin and leads to dimpling.

In the past, plastic surgeons have had access to various cellulite options but they did not target the main cause of cellulite which are the fibrous bands, until now.

Aveli is one of the newest treatments for cellulite. It was designed to target the cause of cellulite, and allows the practitioner to verify that the fibrous bands have been released and thus treating cellulite at the cause of the dimpling. Aveli is a light guided probe that goes beneath the skin and can treat each of the previously marked dimples. The light guided probe will ensure the appropriate depth of the device in relation to the cellulite, and then a precision blade is engaged to release each band causing the dimple.

Aveli is unique in that it not only releases the bands that cause cellulite, it also has a specialized probe that allows the surgeon or treatment provider to verify that the band has been released in its entirety. This multi-step approach to identify, treat and verify each dimple is what has made Aveli so effective in the treatment of cellulite. Aveli has shown to be effective in the treatment of cellulite and has been shown in studies to be effective for over three years with a single treatment.

When exploring treatments for cellulite it is important to make sure that the cause of the dimple is being treated. That the bands that cause the skin to be tethered are released to allow the depression to slowly resolve after the band has been released.

Please discuss with our team if Aveli would be a good treatment option to treat the cellulite of your buttock and legs.

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