Can Rib Reposition be Combined with a Skinny BBL?

Many thin patients will inquire about a Skinny BBL to enhance their overall figure and buttock. They are often looking for an hourglass figure transformation, as they are physically fit, but still feel as if they have a square appearance. While patients do well with a Skinny BBL, there is a limit to the transformation secondary to the limit of fat available for transfer, and the reduction in the waist created by the liposculpting. In the past, patients would supplement their Brazilian Butt Lift with the treatment of the hip dips with fillers such as Sculptra or Dilute-Radiesse. The fillers are an available option, but have limitations in terms of cost, duration, and augmentation to the hip dips.

The rib repositioning treats the 11th and 12th ribs using a special technique that moves them in to create a smaller waist. This technique does not remove the ribs, however, it can shrink the waist several inches by precisely repositioning them to change the hip-to-waist ratio. Decreasing the waist will transform an individual from a square to an hourglass shape.

Rib Repositioning is a revolutionary treatment, and when combined with a Brazilian Butt Lift, can transform our thinner patients from square to hourglass figure. The combination of liposculpting, fat transfer, and rib repositioning allows us to create an hourglass figure which we have had limited ability to do in the past. The rib repositioning will decrease the size of the waist along with any liposculpting. Then the fat that is harvested during the liposuction, can be used to augment the lateral buttock and hip dips. The decrease in size of the waist and treatment of the hip dips will help create an hourglass silhouette for our Skinny BBL patients.

Please discuss Rib Repositioning with your plastic surgeon as the procedure can be done in combination with your Brazilian Butt Lift, or it can be an additional enhancement if you have had a Skinny BBL previously. Contact our office to discuss your rib repositioning and BBL.

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