Can MyEllevate Be Combined With Other Facial Rejuvenation Treatments?

MyEllevate is an exciting minimally invasive treatment option for the neck. It can treat the excess skin of the neck and prominent platysmal bands. However it does not treat the upper face and thus is typically done in combination with other facial treatments such as facial fillers or skin tightening procedures such as Morpheus 8 or Vivace.

Facial fillers can be combined seamlessly with MyEllevate to improve the overall aesthetics of the face.  The fillers such as Voluma or RHA can be used as a liquid facelift to restore volume to the cheekbones and jawline while the MyEllevate lifts the excess skin of the neck. This combination allows your plastic surgeon to treat both the midface and the neck to allow for a pan facial rejuvenation.

Skin tightening devices such as Renuvion, Ellacor, Morpheus 8 and Vivace are often used in combination with MyEllevate and facial fillers. While MyEllevate will lift the neck, it is still often necessary to do skin tightening procedures such as radiofrequency microneedling to improve the texture of the skin while tightening the upper and midface region.

Renuvion, a radiofrequency energy device, is often done in combination with the liposuction portion of the MyEllevate procedure. This will further enhance the tightening and lifting results of the MyEllevate treatment as the skin is not only tightened it is lifted as well.

When patients are being evaluated for facial rejuvenation procedures, it is important to consider the entire face and neck region. During this evaluation a complete treatment plan can be established that may include facial fillers, skin tightening treatments in addition to your MyEllevate procedure. This multi-step approach allows your plastic surgeon to treat your entire face, giving you a natural and youthful appearance.

Please discuss with your plastic surgeon what additional treatments such as facial fillers or skin tightening treatments would further enhance the results from your MyEllevate procedure.

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