Breast Implant Sizing, What is Best for Me?

Deciding on which implant to use is always a difficult decision for women. The benefit is that in this day and age is that there are so many choices of implants that the augmentation can be tailored to each patient.

Truly the best thing that you can do is be open with your surgeon about your desired results so they can help guide you in choosing the best implant for you.

I would spend time trying on various implants in your surgeons office and don’t be afraid to do this more than once. In my office I use a Mentor Sizing System that allows the patient to try on a variety of implants with a bra and tank top so that they get a realistic feel and look at what their result will be after their breast augmentation.

Once you have decided on the volume (size) implant that you like, I will use your body measurements to help guide you to what implant will fit your body best and help you achieve your aesthetic goals for your breasts.

Also bring your surgeon pictures of what you want to look like after your procedure. This will make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page about your implant desires.

It is important to see your board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you to an implant that will give you an aesthetically pleasing breast. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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