Breast Implant Revision, Treatment for Bottoming Out?

It is uncommon for patients to have issues after their breast augmentation, but unfortunately it does occasionally happen. Bottoming out of the implant is when the implant drops bellow the natural fold of the breast. This can cause asymmetry and a “double bubble deformity” where it appears that the implant has a crease in the middle of it.

The good new is that there are treatment options for this when it does happen. First of all patients typically need to be at least six months out from surgery before any revision or secondary surgery.

The first option is to close the pocket with internal sutures. This will keep the implant suspended in the proper position until the new pocket forms around the breast implant. The internal sutures cannot be seen from the outside but it forms an internal bra that holds the breast implant in the proper position.

Occasionally patients will need an internal mesh to support the implant. They are internal mesh options that make the breast stronger to support the implant and decrease the chance that the implant will fall again.

Revision surgery can be challenging, so make sure that you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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