Breast Augmentation Revision for Double Bubble Deformity

Double bubble deformity is when the breast implant falls below the fold of the breast. The breast fold will create a line across the implant giving the appearance of two separate bubbles, one above and one below the fold. This happened much more commonly when saline implants were used routinely. It is less common with silicone implants but still happens occasionally after breast augmentation. Patients can have the deformity on one breast or both sides.

Fortunately there is a treatment for a double bubble deformity and patients typically will get a good result after a revision. Patients usually have to wait about six months after the surgery for any revision. This time will allow a capsule to form around the breast implant. This capsule that forms around the implant can then be sutured closed to correct the pocket. This will raise the implant so that the implant no longer falls bellow the fold of the breast.

Occasionally if patients have a very weak capsule or have had a failed revision previously they will need to have a mesh placed internally to support the implant and prevent the implant from falling overtime.

Patients also need to be careful and follow their surgeon’s post-operative instructions, as the repaired capsule needs time to heal. If patients are too active too fast in the post-operative period the repaired capsule may not have enough time to heal.

Please discuss your surgical options with a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in revision breast surgery or contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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