Am I too young for a facelift at age 55? Should I continue with fillers and Botox or just have surgery?

This is a great question as patients often want to do something to rejuvenate their face as this is the most exposed and viewed part of our body. The question is whether a facelift is best or can fillers and Botox keep you looking fabulous for a few more years.

The majority of my patient who undergo a facelift just want to look as you as they feel on the inside. Facelifts can be done in a wide range of patients in their forties to in their eighties. The correct time depends on several factors, such as weight loss and current health condition. And the amount of loose skin that you currently have in your face and neck.

Facelift timing is a balance between doing it young enough that you can enjoy it during the prime years of your life, and also not having the surgery before you need it. The best way to determine this is to have a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. I have many patients that come in for a facelift and I tell them that they are not ready to have it yet as we can achieve their aesthetic goals with Botox and fillers. Once we cannot reach their goals with fillers and Botox we progress to a facelift. This stepwise manor allows patients to be treat in an individualized fashion.

Excess skin in the neck usually pushes people into a facelift as this very difficult to treat with Botox and fillers. When patients have excess skin the best treatment is typically a face and neck lift.

Facelifts can be done for a variety of reasons from restoring the volume that has been lost to improving your neck contour. Discuss these concerns with your board-certified plastic surgeon so that he or she can help guide you to the best timing of having your facelift.

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