5 Ways to Ensure a Quick Rhinoplasty Recovery

A rhinoplasty procedure is an excellent choice for those who want to change the aesthetic appearance of their nose or improve breathing. Since the surgery involves many delicate structures in the nose, following post-operative instructions is incredibly important for your recovery. Here are five things you can do during recovery to ensure that you heal effectively.

Manage Swelling

Immediately following your surgery, you will most likely experience some moderate swelling around the nose. A great way to reduce swelling is to apply an ice pack over the affected area for the first few days after surgery. This will not only alleviate pressure, but also restrict blood flow to the nose, allowing it to heal quicker.

Take Time Off from Work and Hobbies

For the first few days after surgery, your body will need to rest to focus its energy on healing. This means that you will need to take time away from your job and hobbies to avoid stressing out your body. Make sure to avoid any activities where your nose is at risk of getting bumped.

Eat Healthy Foods

While your body is healing from the surgery, it will need as many nutrients as it can get. Providing proper nutrition to your body will help increase your energy levels and help it heal more efficiently. Try to focus on foods high in vitamins, minerals, and lean protein.

Avoid Blowing Your Nose

When you exit your surgery, the inside of your nose will be very sensitive. Even a sneeze or blowing your nose can cause internal structures placed by the surgeon to shift, compromising the healing process and your results. Gently dab your nose if needed to control drainage.

Keep Your Head Elevated

While laying down, make sure you keep your head elevated above your body. This will keep fluid from building up in your nose and make it much easier to breathe. Two or three pillows is usually enough to do the trick

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