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Breast augmentation procedures have continued to improve and techniques have evolved and implants have advanced. At this time there is a wide range of implants from which patients have to choose from for their breast implant. One of the choices is whether the implant is textured or smooth. The answer depends on several factors and cannot be made alone without considering the entire procedure.

What Are the Pros and Cons to Textured Vs. Smooth Implants?

One, shaped implants should always be textured. The texturing is used to keep the implant in the exact position and orientation in which your plastic surgeon placed the implant. The shaped implants a designed to give patients a very natural shape and slope, but to accomplish this they have to keep their orientation. The texturing helps accomplish this task.

Second, if the implant is placed above the muscle texturing is beneficial in decreasing the chance that a significant amount of scar tissue will form around the implant. The benefit of texturing when the implant is placed below the muscle is has not been proven and this tends to be up to plastic surgeon preference.

The benefit of smooth implants is that they can typically be placed through a smaller incision than textured implants. They also tend to have a little softer feel after the augmentation as the implant will have a little movement in the pocket giving it a natural appearance and feel.

In the end they are both great implants depending on your particular situation both implants have their place in breast implants surgery.

Please discuss your breast implant surgery with your board certified plastic surgeon who can help guide you and help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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