Dr. Adam Weinfeld

Dr. Adam Weinfeld

Dr. Weinfeld knew he wanted to be a plastic surgeon at the age of twelve after watching a documentary chronicling a surgery for a woman born without an ear. The power of plastic surgery to improve confidence and self-image by altering the human bodies anatomy left a lasting impression. Dr. Weinfeld believes the emotional aspects of plastic surgery are as important as the anatomic ones and that happiness should be the outcome. He is extremely focused on making his patients happy by creating a collaborative experience and providing great surgical results.

Dr. Weinfeld majored in biology at Swarthmore College which was ranked number one among liberal arts colleges the year he was admitted. He then chose top tier Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas for medical School. He remained at Baylor for his residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery because the program offered an intensely immersive training experience. With the desire to deliver excellence to his patients, Dr. Weinfeld completed two six-month cosmetic surgery fellowships with several world leaders in Cleveland and Atlanta, following his residency.

As an expert in cosmetic surgery of the nose, eyes, face, neck, breast, and body, Dr.Weinfeld has published over thirty scientific articles and book chapters and has conducted award winning research. In addition to being a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Weinfeld holds a leadership role in the Rhinoplasty Society. Over his career he has lectured at state, national, and international educational surgical meetings on plastic surgery science, patient safety, and result maximization.

Dr. Weinfeld has been in practice since 2008, most of the time in Austin, Texas. He performs both reconstructive cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery thus benefiting from the synergy of the knowledge of both. In June of 2021 Dr. Weinfeld joined his cosmetic practice with that of Johnny Franco, MD (Austin Plastic Surgeon). He emphasizes honesty and authenticity in his interactions with patient and employs extreme focus in the operating room to deliver excellent results that are both natural and profound. As a side note, While Dr. Weinfeld takes his work very seriously he really enjoys making people laugh.

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