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The short answer is yes. Like any surgery there are always risks and sometimes things need to be touched up after your first surgery. The most common reason is that they went to a facility that does not commonly perform this procedure. When people don’t commonly perform this procedure there is a tendency to under fill the buttock.

The good news is that in the majority of patients it can be corrected and improved. I typically make patients wait six months from their last surgery before I offer them any further surgery. Then we have to discuss what you would like to improve and a plan that is going to help us achieve that goal.

If areas were not liposuctioned we can use that fat to further augment the buttock. Sometimes I do a combination of butt implants and more fat grafting just depending on the individual patients needs.

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If I had a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and Now Want a Second Round of Fat Transfer, Is This Possible?

This is a great question as the majority of patients are extremely happy with their butt augmentation procedure, however occasionally patients want to be larger. The ability to have a second fat transfer procedure is dependent on the available fat for transfer.

First I typically have patients wait and be at least six months out from their first surgery before an additional fat transfer. This will allow time for the swelling to resolve and the internal scar tissue from the first liposuction procedure to soften. Your buttock will also have time to fully heal from the first procedure.

The amount of fat available for the second procedure depends on several factors. One, how many areas were liposuctioned during the first procedure as I will usually liposuction from areas that were not liposuctioned during the first Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Occasionally fat can be harvested from an area that has been previously liposuctioned if there is fat remaining in the area.

In the majority of patients a second fat transfer procedure is possible. In very thin patients that do not have enough fat to harvest a second time may need butt implants to add projection to their buttock. Butt implants can be done after a Brazilian Butt Lift to increase the projection and size of your buttock augmentation. The combination of these two procedures can give patients an incredible result. The initial fat harvest (liposuction) will shape the waist, while transferred fat will add a buffer to soften the butt implant that is placed in the secondary surgery.

The great news is that you have multiple options to achieve the results that you desire from you butt augmentation. Please consult your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation procedures.

How Long Should I Wait Before Revising My Brazilian Butt Lift

The majority of patients that have a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery performed are extremely happy. However occasionally patients do not receive the aesthetic result that they were hoping for from their procedure. This can be for any of several reasons such as the patient is very thin so there was a limited amount of fat, or the fat did not take as well as the surgeon and patient were hoping.

First of all I would wait at least six months before proceeding with any type of revision. This time will allow all the swelling and scar tissue to settle. Then both you and the surgeon will know exactly what the results are and he or she can give you options to improve the results. Doing surgery before this point is typically a moving target as your body is still changing from surgery. Also giving your body this time to heal will allow the scar tissue from liposuction and fat transfer a chance to heal so that the next surgery can be as precise as possible.

There are several ways to go about enhancing the results of your Brazilian Butt Lift depending on the individual desires of the patient. The first and most common is a second session of liposuction and fat transfer. In patients that have enough fat this is a great option as the liposuction will further sculpt their body and then the fat can be used to add volume and enhance the appearance of the buttock.

However if patients are too thin and there is a limited amount of fat available then other options will need to be considered such as butt implants. The implants are a great option for thin patients and for patients that have an extremely flat buttock. There are a wide range of implants that can be used add shape and volume to the buttock after a Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer) surgery.

Many patients that come see me get a combination of fat transfer and butt implants to improve the results from their previous Brazilian Butt Lift. Though the exact treatment plan depends on the individual patient.

The good news is that there are options to enhance your buttock. Please consult with your board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation surgeries.

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