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This is a very common question, as I believe that the post-operative care is a very important part of achieving your final results.

The fat transfer, often called Brazilian butt lift has become extremely popular because it allows your plastic surgeon to transform your entire shape. You improve your waist, hips and of course your buttock.

The area where the fat is harvested (liposuction) is sore but typically patients don’t have a lot of pain. Patients also typically do not have a lot of pain in the buttock where the fat is placed. It is difficult for patients to get comfortable the first few days after the surgery, as they are sore in multiple places.

The difficult part of the recovery is that I do not allow patients to sit for the first two weeks after the surgery. The fat needs time to heal and become part of your buttock. During this time patients may lie on their stomach, stand and walk, but they need to avoid sitting as much as possible. The majority of patients are back at work after a week of recovery.

For six weeks I have patients is a special compression garment that helps shape the buttock and compress the areas that have been liposuctioned while avoiding any pressure on the buttock.

Patients in general have returned to their normal day to day activities by two weeks.

The first couple weeks after surgery are the most difficult as you are limited in how much you will be able to sit. The amount of time that you are required to avoid any prolonged sitting or sleeping on your back will vary from surgeon to surgeon.

Patients’ often state that the discomfort is similar to other liposuction procedures. They can be sore, but it is rare that patients have a significant amount of pain following the procedure.

Patients usually return to work within two weeks, depending on the type of work the patient performs.

After a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) are massages mandatory, or an added benefit?

The question about massaging is a great one and very common with any type of body sculpting, liposuction or fat transfer procedure. The recommendations vary from surgeon to surgeon and depend on your particular surgery.

In a typical Brazilian Butt Lift patients have the abdomen, back, flanks and sacral areas liposuctioned (other areas depend on the individual needs of the patient). The fat is then processed and used to augment the buttock and hips.

I typically have patients start massaging the first post-operative day for several reasons. I personally believe that the massage helps work out the swelling and it also helps break-up the scar tissue so that contour deformities do not form. In this early period I have patients massage themselves with a fragrance free moisturizer.

The need for formal massages depends on several factors. The most common is whether or not the patient is able to perform massage on himself or herself or with the help of a significant other to massage them. If patients are not able or willing to do massage themselves then formal lymphatic massage may be need to optimize their results. However I typically wait a couple weeks to start the lymphatic massage, as I do not want patients to lie on their butt for the first six weeks.

In general I believe that patients do better with massage, however the majority of patients are accomplishing this themselves. Occasionally patients will need formal lymphatic massage.

Butt augmentation is an incredible procedure that can transform your entire shape, however the post-operative care is extremely important in obtaining the final results that you desire. Please discuss your post-op instructions after your Brazilian Butt Lift with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Can Frequent Sitting After My Brazilian Butt Lift Affect My Results?

This is a great question as the post-operative care is just as important as the surgery in making sure that you achieve the results that you desire from you Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer) surgery.

Your surgeon does a lot of things to try and ensure that as much of the fat survives as possible. These things include centrifuge the fat so that only the best possible fat is used for your butt augmentation.

However if the post-operative care is not diligent you may loose some of the precious fat that has been transferred for your augmentation. In my practice it is very clear which patients are strict with their post-op regimen and which are not.

I typically do not let patients sit or sleep on their butt for six weeks. The first two weeks they can’t sit or sleep on their back at all. After the first two weeks they sit for an hour at a time using one of the special BBL pillows. There are several pillows on the market that are great:

  1. BBL Pillow:
  2. Booty Buddy
  3. Curve Cure
    • Click Here
    • The curve cure also has a mattress available.


Patients need to use one of these special pillows while they are recovering to keep all the pressure off the butt. Pressure from sitting will damage the fat that has been transferred and limits the results that you obtain from your surgery.

I also have had patients that want to use boppy pillows or other round pillows for their butt. They are not the same. The pillow is not to cushion the butt; it is to eliminate all pressure from the buttock.

I hope this helps you achieve the results that you desire. I know it sounds like a rough six weeks, however if you are going to have the surgery I want you to have the best possible results from your Brazilian Butt Lift. Please discuss the sitting protocol with your board certified plastic surgeon as every surgeon has his or her own protocol for post-operative sitting.

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