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Plastic Surgery Untold podcast was started by a group of good-looking men that wanted to share their plastic surgery experience and knowledge with the world. Each episode will give you a peek into our lives, a specific plastic surgery procedure and a behind the scenes insight into the world of plastic surgery.

The goal of our plastic surgery podcast is to entertain you, make you smile and maybe even teach you a little something about plastic surgery. We will cover a variety of topics from Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift, lip fillers and anesthesia during our episodes. We also invite a variety of celebrity guests on the show to add a little variety to the show, similar to swiping on Tinder, you never know who is going to show up!

Our cast ranges from a plastic surgeon known for Brazilian Butt Lifts to Austin’s most gorgeous man who also happens to be an aesthetic physician’s assistant and of course Celebrity Anesthesia that is also a celebrity husband for his fashion blogger wife. This variety in our crew helps give listeners a variety of perspectives on all of the topics.

Thank you for listening. We all truly love what we do and appreciate you giving us 40 minutes of your day once a week.

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