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It is very common to have a breast augmentation and tummy tuck done in the same surgery. This is often considered the mommy makeover, as while children are absolutely wonderful, they often can take a toll on a woman’s body.

Can a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation be Performed at the Same Surgery?

I typically do not like for elective outpatient surgery to go over five hours, but a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck can easily be achieved in this time period.

The other question that I commonly get about my mommy makeover is about the recovery for a combined procedure such as this one.

The recovery has become much easier for patients than it was even five years previously for several reasons. One, all the patients go home the same day after their procedure. Two, I typically do not use drains so it is much easier for patient to move around after surgery. Thirdly and most importantly, there is a new medication that is a long acting local anesthesia that I inject into the muscles (that are commonly tightened during the tummy tuck), incisions and any area where I performed liposuction and this medication works for three days. It has become more common that patients tend to be too active after surgery rather than having pain issues.

I would recommend that you discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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