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What is a Subzero Facial?

Give your face the cold treatment with our revolutionary anti-aging liquid nitrogen facial. The Sub-Zero Facial is where liquid nitrogen vapor is applied to the face and neck area. This anti-aging beauty treatment is very effective, safe and affordable with zero downtime.

It is one of the celebrities go to facials. Hailey Baldwin and Demi Moore and Derek Hough have all dabbled in cryotherapy facials aka FROTOX.

How Does a Subzero Facial Work?

The liquid nitrogen vapor produces an instantaneous tightness in the skin, reducing the appearance in fine lines wrinkles and pore size.

Similar to cryotherapy, it significantly reduces inflammation and flushes away built up toxins in the skin, reducing “puffiness” in the face. Collagen production is activated by the temperature change, so with continued treatments, this is a great anti-ageing facial.

Who Would Benefit from a Subzero Facial?

All ages, complexations or concerns can benefit from a subzero facial.

Some of the many benefits of receiving this treatment deal with stimulating collagen production, minimizing pores, decreasing inflammation making the skin look tighter and toned.

How Often is a Subzero Facial Done?

We recommend every 2-4 weeks

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