Which Buttock Implant is Safer – Cohesive Gel or Solid Silicone?

Deciding on the proper implant type, size and shape can be difficult for patients as there is an array of options to choose from for your butt augmentation.

The only FDA approved gluteal implants in the U.S. are a solid silicone implant that comes in round and shaped styles. There is currently not cohesive gel implant approved in the United States for butt augmentation. One reason in the past when butt augmentation with implants had issues was that people were using breast implants and not gluteal implants that were specifically designed for butt augmentations.

The benefit of using an implant that has been FDA approved is that you know that there is high standard and safety to the implants. The process is rigorous to have the implants approved and that is done to protect patients here in the United States. The reason that the implants are a solid silicone is that they can take the abuse that our butt my encounter on a daily basis.

The round implants are the most common in the U.S. and in my practice. The implants will help shape your butt and hips to give it the projection and round figure that patient hope to achieve. Butt Implants are typically larger then breast implants, as peoples butts are typically larger than their breasts. In my practice the average butt implant range from 400 to 600cc. Please keep in mind that you cannot compare fat transfer and butt implants in terms of volume. Butt implants will give you much more projection and volume per cc than fat will do for your augmentation.

Once I know what you are looking for in terms of appearance and what you body can accommodate then we I will give you some implants to choose from and help guide you as to what is best for your aesthetic goals.

Discuss your butt augmentation procedure with a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentations.

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