Do Butt Implants Come in a Variety of Sizes

Butt implants, much like breast implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are not as many options in terms of various sizes and shapes but there are plenty for patients to choice from.

The implants are a solid silicone so that then can take the daily abuse that our butt endures. The come in round and shaped implants. There are sizes from as small as 200cc up to almost 800cc for each implant.

Just like with breast implants it is important to discuss with your plastic surgeon your wishes and aesthetic goals so that you can achieve the look that you desire. Your surgeon will help guide you deciding on a butt implant.

Is a 275cc Butt Implant Too Big for My Body?

Deciding on a butt implant size can be very difficult for patients. One of the issues is that patients have so many choices for their augmentation. Implants range in size from 200 to 800cc and come in a round or shaped implant. However the benefit of this spectrum of implants is that it allows your surgeon to tailor your augmentation to your specific desires and goals.

Similar to breast augmentation there is a range of implants that can be used for each specific person. There is no one size that fits everyone. In general patients in my practice that have butt implants for their butt augmentation are one of two groups of patients. The first is patients that are very thin or patients that want more augmentation than might be possible with fat transfer alone.

In general 275cc butt implants tend to be on the smaller side in my practice. On average patients in my practice have implants placed that are between 450 and 550cc per side. However it depends on a patient’s body frame and what they are hoping to achieve. I typically have patients bring in pictures or have them review my pictures so I can get a feel for what they like and then I can guide them to what implant size will be best for them.

The incisions for a butt implant are well hidden in the crease of the buttock. Similar to how a breast fold incision is hidden for a breast augmentation. This way in a bikini or panties the incision will be well hidden.

Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon that performs a high volume of butt augmentation procedures.

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