Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Evolution
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) continues to be a hot topic. There have been some recent articles that the era of the BBL is over and that could not be further from the truth. The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure continues to evolve, as do patients’ desires and requests, which has pushed...
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What Options do I Have if My Brazilian Butt Lift did not Give Me the Results I Desired?
This is a common question and really depends on your individual goals that you are hoping to achieve from your Brazilian Butt Lift. Typically, when I see someone for a round two BBL or BBL revision we review their initial starting point and wish pictures so that I have clear...
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What is the Difference Between SAFE BBL, Also Known as Ultra BBL, and a Normal BBL?
Brazilian Butt Lift procedures continue to be one of the most common surgeries in our practice. As its popularity has grown around the world, so has the number of names it’s referred to including specialized BBL procedures such as, SAFE BBL, Ultra BBL, and Skinny BBL. Let me guide you...
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Can I do a BBL After a Non-Surgical BBL? Will the Sculptra Need to be Removed Before I do My Actual BBL?
A non-surgical BBL can be a desirable option as it has a very rapid recovery and little to no downtime. However, non-surgical BBL treatments performed with Sculptra and hyper-dilute Radiesse have limitations in their ability to give patients the augmentation they desire. Patients tend to need much more Sculptra and...
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Are Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeries Safe?
Brazilian Butt Lift procedures continue to be extremely popular in the United States. Patients are always intrigued by the incredible shape transformation that is possible with the combination of liposculpting and fat transfer to the buttock. The subtraction of the waist and the addition to the buttock and hips equals...
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How Do I Get an Upside Down Heart Shape for my Butt after a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Brazilian Butt Lift procedures uniquely combine liposculpting and fat transfer. It allows a plastic surgeon to create a total body transformation like very few other procedures have the ability to do. One of the most common requests we receive at Austin Plastic Surgeon is for an upside down heart shape...
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Can Rib Reposition be Combined with a Skinny BBL?
Many thin patients will inquire about a Skinny BBL to enhance their overall figure and buttock. They are often looking for an hourglass figure transformation, as they are physically fit, but still feel as if they have a square appearance. While patients do well with a Skinny BBL, there is...
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Why Have Brazilian Butt Lift Reversals Become so Popular Recently?
Brazilian Butt Lift reversals have become popular for multiple reasons over the past year. The two biggest reasons that BBL reversals have become a procedure of interest are because of a changing aesthetic goals and weight gain after the pandemic. Most of us have gained some weight since the start...
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