Will my butt be saggy after removing butt implants?

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It is rare that individuals want to remove their butt implants (just like very few people want to remove their breast implants). However occasionally people do want to remove their implants for various reasons.

The most common question after removal of an implants is whether or not they will have saggy or loose skin. This is depends on a couple different factors. One what size implants the patient had placed for the augmentation. The smaller the implants the less effect it will have on the overlying skin. A 200 to 300cc butt implant is much less likely to affect the skin than a 700 or 800cc implant.

The second factor is the integrity of the skin prior to the butt augmentation. Many patients have the implants placed to lift the buttock. If this was the case the butt will lose some of its lift or perkiness after the removal. If the patient has good skin and had a good shape prior to the butt augmentation they are likely to still have a good shape to their butt after removal of the implants.

How someone will react to removal of the implants depends from patient to patient. I typically tell patients it is similar to breasts after pregnancy, some women’s breast look great after having kids and other women’s breast completely deflate and fall.

Discuss your butt implant removal with a board certified plastic surgeon that can help guide you through the process.

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