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Wanting a Revision to go Bigger

Revisions are relatively rare after a breast augmentation, but if they could change one thing after their augmentation it would have been to go bigger. The majority of women that have breast augmentation in my practice are professionals and they want a look that they can dress down for work or dress up for a night out on the town.

As the use of silicone breast implants and increased so has the flexibility that women have in deciding on a breast implant size. Silicone breast implants are softer then saline implants and thus patients can place a larger implant and not look overly big after their augmentation.

I will usually have patients wait at least six months after their initial augmentation before undergoing a revision as this gives the tissues time to heal and for all of the swelling to settle. If after this time they still wish to exchange the implants for a bigger size we can do that surgery.

I current have 350cc silicone breast implants and I want to exchange them for 500cc, will I see a difference?

When patients want to go bigger I encourage them to go up at least 100cc with their new breast implant. If patients do not go up at least 100cc they will not see a noticeable difference to make going through a surgery worthwhile. Going up 150cc is very typical and should give you a nice difference from your previous augmentation.

Showing you surgeon pictures can often be helpful so that they can help guide you to the proper implant to reach your aesthetic goals. There is also the mentor sizing system which can help simulate what you would look like 100 to 150cc bigger then your current size. I would encourage you to discuss your breast implant exchange and implant size with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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