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What is the Best Way to Have My Breast Implant Placed: The Nipple, Breast Fold or through Axilla?

This is a good question as the majority of patient that wish to have a breast augmentation desire a result that is going to feel and look natural without having obvious scars. To start with they are all reasonable approaches to have your breast augmentation surgery and that is why you will see that all three approaches are commonly used by plastic surgeons.

There are several ways to place the incision so that it is well hidden in natural skin folds or breast transitions.

  1. Periareolar
    • Hidden at the natural transition from the areola and the breast skin. The incision can be hidden in this natural color transition from the areola and breast skin.
    • This is very common method as it hides well when placed that the natural transition.
  2. Inframmary Fold
    • The incision is hidden in the fold below the breast.
    • This gives your surgeon direct access to the breast with a relatively small incision.
    • When placed in the fold it typically hides extremely well.
  3. Axilla
    • The incision for the implant can be hidden in one of the natural axilla folds. I do these with the aid of an endoscope, which allows precise placement of the implant under direct visualization.
    • The use of the Keller funnel has allowed the placement of larger silicone implants through the axilla.
    • It was once believed that silicone implants could not be placed through an incision in the axilla, however this not true. I routinely place silicone implants through the axilla.

No one incision is best for every patient and the majority of patients can have the implant placed through any of the three incisions listed above. When done correctly all three of the incisions are well hidden. Talk to your plastic surgeon about your goals and desires so that they can talk to you about the pros and cons of each approach.

It is important to see your board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you through your breast augmentation.

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