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Fat transfer has become extremely common in multiple facets of plastic surgery; it is used in almost every body part from facial augmentation to a Brazilian Butt Lift. One of the most exciting uses for fat transfer is in breast augmentation. Breast augmentation has been the most common aesthetic surgical procedure in the United States. Now fat transfer has been used either alone or in combination with implants for breast augmentation surgeries.

Fat transfer has been used in breast reconstruction for years and is actually done in the majority of my breast reconstruction surgeries. It has become increasingly more common in breast augmentation. It gives patients an option for a natural soft breast augmentation.

Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Possible?

Fat transfer for a breast augmentation has the ability to give patients a very natural and soft augmentation. It also avoids the use of breast implants, as many times the entire augmentation is done with the patient’s own fat.

The downside to fat transfer for breast augmentation is that there is a limit to the augmentation size that can be achieved in each session of fat transfer. Unlike breast implants where patients can choose a wide range of sizes, with fat transfer patient can typically only go up about one cup size with each fat transfer session. Patients can have multiple sessions (surgeries) if they wish to increase their size. Patients also have to have enough available fat to transfer to the breast for the augmentation.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is possible as long as the patient has realistic goals of what they can achieve with fat transfer. It can give a great, natural result for patients that want to be only a cup size or two larger.

Please discuss your breast augmentation surgery with your board certified plastic surgeon.

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