What is the Benefit of having my Breast Implant Placed Below the Muscle?

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There are a variety of breast augmentation options from the type of implant to use and where to place them.

Breast augmentation with a silicone implant has become the most common aesthetic surgery in the United States.

There are several ways to perform the augmentation, as the implant can be placed through the nipple, axilla or at the bottom of the breast.

In the United States the vast majority of breast augmentations are performed below the muscle. However there are certain situations where the implant is placed over the muscle. The benefits of placing the implant below the muscle:

  1. More natural feel
  2. More natural appearance
  3. Less visibility of the implant
  4. Placing the implant below the muscle also decrease the chance that the patient will form scar tissue around the implant.

Patients that have their implant placed under the muscle can resume all of their normal activity once they have completely healed. I have many patients who athletes that have had a breast augmentation under the muscle and been very happy without any issues.

It is important to see your board certified plastic surgeon to help guide you to an implant that will give you an aesthetically pleasing breast.

I hope this helps.

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