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I Have Asymmetrical Breasts. Can Anything be Done for Them?

This is a great question as the majority of women have breasts that are uneven from side to side. There are several ways to approach correcting your asymmetry of your breasts.

The first decision is which breast do you like more? The breasts can be lifted and or reduced so that they match or an implant can be used to increase the size of the smaller breast.

Today there are numerous breast implants available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This gives your surgeon a vast range of options to match your breasts. Patients can have to different size implants placed to account for the size difference between the two breasts.

Typically a combination of these procedures is done to improve the symmetry. You are patient that could have the larger breast lifted and reduced to match the smaller breast and have a great result.

Please consult with your board certified plastic surgeon about your breast options.

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